About Us.

If you have visited this page, you must want to know about our site, your site, Techcity TImes. As the name suggests, we wanted to create something that will encompass everything relating to tech. As we are developing as a species, the technology of our society has become the yardstick to measure our progress.
Techcity Times is used to measure that very yardstick. The website was created by Pranay Mishra, along with 6 other websites that cover a wide array of topics. He calls them “The 7 Stars” of his network. Techcity TImes is a part of the InterSapien Network.

So What do we do?

We write about things that people want to read about. And sometimes we write about things that people are not aware of, but may find it interesting. We strive to create articles about technology, the advancement in the field fun to read.

We review products, we research about them, we find more to bring to you. We try to make sure that every aspect of a product or service is being shown to you, so that you can get the right product. We refrain ourself from focusing on either aspect of the product/service, positive or negative. We try to give a comprehensive information about the product so that you can keep trusting our organization.

So once you have visited our site, you have the option to become a citizen of Techcity. We’ll be glad to have you onboard.