How To Get Student Discount On Apple Products: We Explain

How To Get Student Discount On Apple Products

There is no doubt that Apple products are some of the most ridiculously priced products in the world. We are not saying that Apple does not make good products worth the price. 

No amount of praise is enough for Apple for coming up with the unimaginably powerful M series chips and their processing power. Also, no other laptop can come close to MacBook’s speaker qualities. 

But at the same time, they make $1,000 stands that do nothing. The praise and criticism almost balance themselves out, but there is one thing that makes the praise section heavier than the criticism. Apple really cares for students. 

By care, we do not mean that they help students with their homework. But the discounts they offer for some products to students are commendable. In this article, we’ll see how to get student discounts on Apple products.

Step 1: Be or Know a Student

The first and most important step in getting the student discount on Apple products is being a student, or at least knowing a college student. The discount program is only valid if you have the official university email ID required for verification. 

This university email ID is required to verify that you are a student. Do not worry, even if you are not a student, you can get the discount if you can present the university email ID. 

This verification can be done via the UNiDAYS portal or directly from the official website of Apple. Different countries may have different procedures for verification. For the US, the verification can be done directly from Apple’s website. 

Go to

No matter which country you are from, you can access discounted pricing from Apple’s official website. So visit and then change the location to your country. Apple will automatically ask you to do it. 

Once done, look for the product you want to buy. Let’s say MacBook Pro. From the top menu, go to Mac, and then at the right corner look for “Education.” This will lead to a different page with discounted pricing. 

Add the product to the cart and go to checkout. Log in or create an Apple account and you might be required to verify your university email. University emails end with “.edu” and not “.com”

Addition Step

In some countries, before you can access the education pricing, Apple will ask you to verify the email via UNiDAYS. Add the educational email and get it verified. Once done, you will be redirected to the page with updated pricing. 

Once everything is done, just go ahead and buy the product. You can save as much as $100 on specific products such as iPad, MacBooks, and iMacs. 

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