Apple Event 2019 : Things to Expect on September 10

Apple Event 2019
Apple Event 2019
Image : Apple

The Apple Event 2019 is an annual meeting held by Apple to showcase their latest hardware and software. The event focuses mainly on the launch of iPhones and MacBooks.

It is the time of the year where all eyes are on Apple again. The Apple Event 2019 is all set to be held on September 10 and people have been invited. The invitation has a logo of Apple that is stylized in the way of the old Mac G3. The caption reads “By innovation only.” Maybe the term “innovation” here is some sort of symbolism that refers to the era when Apple actually innovated. As far as the leaks go, which are very likely to be true, there is not a shred of innovation in Apple Event 2019.

Here are the things you should expect to be launched this Apple Event 2019.

Apple Event 2019 Main Dish

iPhone 11 apple event 2019
Image : EverythingApplePro

The reason people all over the world wait while holding their plates at the event is to get the main dish. That main dish is the iPhone. Well, this year, like most of the years, people will be getting the same thing that has been put in the microwave oven and heated for hardly few seconds.

Three models are expected to be launched in Apple Event 2019. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. A separate post has been dedicated to detail about the phones and what to expect from them. But they are just minor refreshes. Apple may have just wiped the old iPhones with a cleaner and called them the iPhone 11 and that would have been a bigger update than this. 

The same old notch, same material, same design but just a new camera added to make the camera module look hideous. But that’s subjective. Maybe you’ll like it.

Apple Event 2019 side dish 

The other minor things to be launched in Apple Event 2019 is the Apple Watch 5. iHelp BR has rumored that the Apple Watch 5 will have minor upgrades on the inside and will feature a new Titanium-Made body. There aren’t many leaks about the new Watch, hence the price in not confirmed. But we can put an estimate. Given that the ceramic one costs around $1500, expect this one to cost a fortune.

The 16-inch MacBook

Macbook Pro
Image : MKBHD

The 17-inch MacBook had a huge fanbase and I was one of them. The idea of getting a MacBook with bigger screen in a compact and smaller body is enticing and we are waiting for the one good thing that could come out of Apple Event 2019. 
The new MacBook is said to have a 16-inch display in the body of a 15-inch MacBook. And finally the bane of all writers is going to be replaced: the Butterfly Keyboard. A newly patented keyboard mechanism termed “optical keyboard” is said to be on the next MacBook. 

All we can do is cross our fingers and hope to see Tim Cook show something that is even close to innovation. 

How do you think Apple is innovating this event? Do you think Apple is just serving stale iPhones by just adding a new number? Tell us in the comments section.

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