Tineco A10 vs A11: The Differences Between and a Detailed Comparison

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Cordless vacuum cleaners can drastically reduce the stress of cleaning the house. Without the cord, the light-weight build, the attachments, and convertibility give cordless vacuums the edge over wired counterparts. There are a few key players in this market such as Dyson, Tineco, Onson, Shark, etc. This article will focus on two products, hence Tineco A10 vs A11. 

But it isn’t limited to just that. We’ll mention briefly about the latest version of the same brand. A11 Hero+ and Master+. A short comparison between all the four models and how strong does Tineco stand against Dyson? Appropriate tables have been inserted for understanding the comparison better. 

Before we begin with the comparison, it would be better to give you detailed information about each of the products. This would make the comparison easy to digest. 

Tineco A10 

Tineco A10 illustration

Tineco A10 is the most basic cordless vacuum offering from the company. It has almost everything the latest, flagship versions have, but the features aren’t that great. You’ll understand this as you go through. There are four versions of the A10, the A10 Hero, and Hero+ and the A10 Master and Master+.

A10 Hero and Hero+

The naming must give you a hint about the difference between the two. Hero+ has the same features as Hero, but they are better. Both of these are cordless stick vacuum that is convertible. They can become smaller (like a hairdryer) to give precise cleaning such as car seats, work desks, etc. 

We’ll be looking at these features:

  • Power 
  • Battery life 
  • Usability 
  • Features 
  • Storage convenience 
  • Dust capacity 
  • Loudness and maneuverability 
  • Who should buy it
  • Power – Power is of utter importance when it comes to wireless vacuums. Power enables the dust to be sucked in, larger or smaller debris. In the test, it performed better than average in cleaning fine dust from tight spaces. Both the version have a 350-watt digital motor and is capable of producing up to 110 air watts of suction in max power. Both models offer multi-surface cleaning.
  • Battery life – Both the versions have a same-sized battery. It comes with one 2000 mAh battery that is capable of working for about 25 minutes (in tests, it worked only for 22 minutes). One thing I noticed was as the timer crossed the 20-minutes mark, the power started fading slowly. So I’d say the effective time is about 20 minutes. In max power mode, it works only for about 6 minutes. The recharge time for both the versions is 3.5 hours.
  • Usability – Usability means how convenient the vacuums are to use. The vacuum weighs only 2.8 lbs or 1.3 kg. So take the vacuum to anywhere in your house, reach for the roof, or stoop to get to the tricky areas without punishing your hands. 
  • Features – The A10 Hero and Hero+ come with great features that make the cleaning process easier. There’s a trigger lock to lock the switch to “on” position. It also comes with a crevice tool, mini power brush, LEDs, hair cleaning tool, floor roller, etc. 
  • Storage convenience – This is where the Hero and Hero+ differ. The Hero comes with a “powerhouse” which is a dock you can place the vacuum in. It holds and charges the vacuum. Along with the vacuum, it can hold three attachments. The Hero+ has a charging dock that can be attached to the way. This makes storing and charging the vacuum more convenient. It has only two slots for attachments.
  • Dust capacity – Both Hero and Hero+ have similar dust holding capacity of 400 ml or 13.5 ounces. While it’s not that great, it comes with HEPA dust-bin. For those who don’t know about HEPA, vacuum dust bins can hold dust but some finer particles escape and cause an allergenic reaction. HEPA is capable of holding these allergens inside.
  • Loudness and maneuverability – Vacuums generally don’t make noise, they screech. But in the case of the Tineco A10 Hero and Hero+, the sound is bearable. It is not silent but makes noise below 65 dB. The vacuum is easy to maneuver so cleaning upholstery and carpets won’t be that difficult. 
  • Who should buy it? – The power is good, not great. The battery life is good, not great. The dust capacity is good, not great. So people with houses small and not big will benefit the most from it. The price isn’t that high and considering that it works for 20 minutes in eco-mode, it can clean your house easily, without needing another recharge.

Tineco A10 Master and Master+

The major differences between the A10 Hero/Hero+ and A10 Master/Master+ are listed below. I’ll refer Master and Master+ as Master. Hero and Hero+ will be referred to as just Hero.

The Master comes with two 2000 mAh removable batteries instead of one in the case of Hero. This gives the Master a run time of almost 50 minutes on eco-more and about 13 minutes on max mode.

In terms of fo accessories, the Master+ (not the Master) comes with a filter cleaning tool and an extra pre-filter. The Master+ also has a wall mount which the Master lacks. These are all the differences between the A10 Hero and Master. 

The A11 Hero/Master is for bigger, complex houses with lots of tricky areas where dirt gets into. The increased power and battery life can aid in cleaning larger houses.

Features in A10 Hero/Master vs A11 Hero/Master.

Here are the main differences between Tineco A10 and A11. The minor difference between the sub-models will be discussed later. 

  • Battery size and life – The A11 comes with two 2,500 mAh batteries while the A10 versions have only 2,000 mAh. This 500 mAh increase gives an additional 10 minutes of power (total 60 minutes, although our tests showed 55 minutes). At max power mode, the batteries lasted about 14 minutes.
  • Power – A11 has a 450-watt motor that gives a suction power 120 air watts. This increase in power is the reason why the battery size increase does not add that much battery life. It has more battery, but more power as well. This translates to better, deeper, and effortless cleaning. 
  • Dust-cup capacity – The A11 also has increased dust carrying capacity. It has a total of 600 ml or 20 oz. This is a slight increase but in terms of dust capacity, it can hold significantly larger amounts. 
  • Features – The A11 master is the flagship offering from Tineco. It has all the features such as a multi-angle flexible wand, longer crevice tool, extension hose, spare pre-filter, filter cleaning tool, etc. That’s all about the differences. 

A11 Hero vs A11 Master 

Tineco A11

A11 Hero and A11 Master are almost identical in every aspect. The only difference is Hero lacks some features that the Master has. The Hero lacks a soft roller brush, flexible crevice tool, multi-angle flexible wand, extendable hose, soft dusting brush. That’s all the difference between these two.

A little bit about Tineco

Tineco is a Chinese brand. So the reason they can make cheaper alternatives for Dyson and Onson is because of cheap labor and raw material. This does not make the product bad and for the price, it is a better product than Dyson. This brings to another part of this article; What about Dyson vacuum cleaners? 

Dyson vacuum cleaners are great too. They offer great power, features, and battery life. Even in our companions, the Dyson V11 made less noise than all the Tineco products. The only reason why people shy away from Dyson is the price. This brings us to the price differences between the products. 

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The price of Tineco A10 vs A11

Here are the prices of the following products as checked on Amazon on the day of writing this article (June 2020)

TINECO A10 HERO$179£199
TINECO A10 HERO+$179£199
TINECO A10 MASTER $399£210
TINECO A11 HERO $259£279
ONSON 20KPa$119£139

A table for Tineco A10 vs A11 (all versions included)

POWER350 W350 W450 W450 W
BATTERY2000 mAh 2000 mAh x 22500 mAh x 22500 mAh x 2
SUCTION110 air Watts 110 air Watts 120 air Watts120 air Watts
DUST CUP SIZE400 ml400 ml600 ml600 ml
OPERATING TIME (ECO MODE)22 minutes 47 minutes54 minutes 54 minutes
OPERATING TIME (MAX)6 minutes12 minutes14 minutes14 minutes 
CHARGING TIME3.5 Hours3.5 Hours3.5 Hours3.5 Hours
EXTRA PRE-FILTERNA (Not Available)NAIncluded Included 
CHARGING STATIONCharger and storage caddyCharger and storage caddy Dual charging powerhouse Dual charger powerhouse 
FLEXIBLE HOSENA (Not Available)NA (Not Available)NA (Not Available)Yes
MULTI-ANGLE WANDNA (Not Available)NA (Not Available)NA (Not Available)Yes
PRICE $179$399$259$352

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