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Remember the time when as a child we would just keep hitting the keyboard with our fingers to pretend that we were typing really fast? I still do that, but that’s not the point of the article. 

Typing really really fast is a skill that would be useful for almost anything. From writing emails at blazing speeds to arguing with someone on Twitter, the faster you type, the more you can say. 

But every sword needs a whetstone, and your finger muscles need the practice to type fast and type accurately. With just a few days of practice, you can reach impressive typing speeds of 50-60 words per minute. 

To help you hone this skill, we have gathered a list of ten brilliant typing websites that will help you become a faster and better typer. 

From typing tests that will enhance your keyboard muscle memory to fun games that will increase your typing speed, let’s take a look at all the fun and challenging typing test websites to make you better use of that expensive mechanical keyboard you own.

Type Racer

Type Racer

Every pro typer and amateur enthusiast who wants to improve their typing speed must have tried or heard about Type Racer. Type Racer is arguably the most popular and preferred typing practice website. 

The look and feel of the website are very basic and to be honest, they need to hire a new website designer. But put that all aside you get perhaps the best type of racing game at the moment. 

Five players compete to complete a paragraph first. Each player is represented by a car of their choice and the faster they type, the faster their car moves. Trust us, the anxiety is real when you see the other player approaching your car. 

There are also a ton of customizable options for your car, and you can maintain your profile with your average typing speed as well. Not in the mood to race? Just practice along without affecting your average typing speed. 

What We Love

Type Racer is all about speed and accuracy. The paragraphs are fun and there is a lot of attention to quotation marks, commas, semi-colons, etc. The typing feels fluid and this game will make you want to type faster due to its competitiveness. 

You can also play with your friends by sending them to invite links and creating custom races. You can also choose Anime (writing anime content) and other languages as well. 

Perhaps the best thing we felt about this game was if you make a typo, you need to delete it and type again which can be super annoying but very helpful in increasing your accuracy. 

What We Did Not Like

There’s not much to dislike in Type Racer. The only thing that we did not like (and it is more of a nitpick) is the interface. It feels a bit stale and old. But it has its own charm as well. 

Sometimes, for people who are not well-versed with the website, navigating it can be a bit complex as there are too many options and none of them are placed in the right way.



Typing.com feels more like an online course than a simple typing test website, and that is because in many ways it is an online course. 

All the complaints we had with TypeRacer about the website design are missing here as Typing.com is very easy to navigate and understand what’s where. 

You can take typing lessons, tests, etc and instead of a “racer” test, it offers a more detailed and comprehensive test bundle; the lessons are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced and it does not offer paragraphs to type on. 

You are given random words to test how far your finger reaches and that makes this website even more challenging.

What We Love

One thing we really loved about it was how fluid the animations were while you type the words. The text is clear and typing is fun.

The website has a clean UI and you get “stars” as your grades which makes you feel like a fifth-grade student, in a good way. 

The advanced tests can get very challenging and it really does make you a better, more accurate typer. 

What We Did Not Like

There is no “fun” element in the test like there was in the Type Racer thing and while it is understandable, we just thought of mentioning it here. 

There is a section that offers you other type-based games to play. But the biggest complaint we have is the unbearable attack of pop-up ads from every corner

Monkey Type

Monkey Type 

Monkey Type is hands-down the best-looking typing test website out there. It just looks and feels so polished and well-made that we can, for a second, overlook its flaws. 

The design is clean and simple, and they display an ad right after you are done with the typing test, making the experience so much better than some other websites. 

While other typing tests are made to pump up your adrenaline, Monkey Type does the opposite; it soothes you. Now let’s look at all the things that we love about Monkey Type. Spoilers: There are so many!

What We Love

There are so many things that we love about Monkey Type. You get to choose what you want to type; quotes, numbers, random words, punctuated sentences, etc. 

There is no timer, so there is no rush. You can just relax and keep typing with all your focus on speed and accuracy.  

After you are done, you get a bunch of great analytics that reveal a lot about your typing pattern. We have not seen such detailed analytics in any other speed test presented so beautifully. 

The other thing we absolutely loved was the typing experience. While it is challenging, the fluid cursor movement makes the entire experience so much better. 

In the settings tab, you can change the sound of the keystroke to a bunch of sound effects, even those beautiful pop sounds of a modded keyboard with Holy Pandas switches, lubed. 

Apart from that, there are so many options to tweak your experience and make the test just the way you like. You can make it easier, or you can make it extremely difficult. 

We cannot stop praising this type of test website and you need to visit and check it out yourself to experience it. 

What We Did Not Like

By looking at the number of things we loved about Monkey Type, you can guess that the list of cons is going to be very short. And indeed it will be. 

The only thing we did not like about it was the complexity of the settings. There are just too many things to choose from and tweak, making it a horrifying experience for a beginner. 

But apart from that, Monkey Type is the most beautiful and relaxing typing test that you can find. Not just aesthetics, but it excels in terms of functionality. Definitely try it out. 

Nitro Racer Type Test

Nitro Type Racer

Nitro Type Racer is another type of racing game where your typing speed is converted and visualized through a car race. Sounds similar? While it sounds very similar to Type Racer, it is completely different from it. 

While the graphics fidelity is much better in Nitro Type Racer with sound effects and animations, it is a very bad typing practice test. You get generic words and sentences and the race feels more like a recorded clip played on a loop. 

For some reason, the other “racers” in the game feel more like bots, and no matter how badly or slowly we type, we always get the first place. Perhaps toddlers who want to learn how to type would find it useful. Or people who really like sound effects. 

There’s not much to say about this game. It is there, and you can try it. But from what we have experienced, this is the weakest one on this list. 

ztype typing game

Phoboslaab’s Z-Type

Phoboslab’s Z-Type is the best game-based typing test in this list. This game is not a typical “racer” type test, but more of a homage to the classic game of Galaga. 

The website is clean and simple, although the actual game is contained in a small window. You are at the bottom of the screen and meteors (or space debris) with words are hurling toward you. 

Type the word and your space shooter will shoot a laser and destroy those words meteor in satisfying blasts. Clear the waves as they get complicated with more complex words. This game can get intense very fast. 

What We Like

We really love the concept of this game and the overall clean look and definitely get only one ad on the side which is not great but definitely not Typing.com-level bad. 

The sound effects and visual effects are well done and it does really feel like a classic game. And despite it being a simple game, it does get intense. 

What We Did Not Like

There’s not much typing practice that you can expect. This game is more like typing basic to mildly complex words that focuses more on accuracy than typing speed. 

There are no stats given as well. You get no idea about your typing speed or accuracy or anything for that matter. It is just a game, and that is it. Still a fun game. 

Typing Game Test

Typing Game Zone

Typing zone is not just one typing game, but a collection of many. But to be honest, you’ll probably play one or two games from the list and then switch to something else. The games are decent, but not great. 

The best thing about it is the multiple games to choose from, and the worst thing is the awful website and the pop-up adverts that just make using the website unbearable.

But do try it out. Perhaps the distraction will make the typing test more challenging. 

The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat offers a basic but great typing test experience. The website is decently designed and there are no ads (thank God). Apart from the classic typing test, it also offers courses and a great typing game. 

Coming to the typing experience, you get this really great typewriter sound effect every time you press the keys on your keyboard. Some people may not like it, but we sure did. There is an option to switch the sound off as well.

You get normal paragraphs so typing is easier and there is also the use of punctuation marks to make things more accurate and challenging. 

We did not really like the typing experience that much. While it tells you that you have typed the wrong word, it just does not feel very fluid. What we are saying is that it is worth trying, but there are better options as well. 

Keybr typing test


The name of this type of test website sounds weird, right? Wait till you see what the website gives you to write! Keybr is different, and it is unique. From the aesthetics to the words you get, everything is very different here. 

The website is clean and free from pop-up ads. Everything is crisp and clear, and very simple until you start the typing test. 

If you read the words that are given in the typing test, it sounds like someone is pretending to say something while whispering. 

But these bizarre words do help in understanding finger placement and increase your accuracy and understanding of the keyboard. 

There is nothing that we did not like as Keybr is not trying too many things. It focuses on one thing and delivers it beautifully. 

Typing Study

Typing Study

Typing Study is a really basic typing test that many typists would not want to use, like ever. The website is very basic and simple, almost like you opened a website in 2009. 

But this is a good typing test for absolute beginners and kids who are not very used to complex typing tests and want something simple and slow. 

Typing Study is perfect for kids aged between 8 to 13. The tests are very basic and will just help you understand the keyboard layout, and how to press a key!



Another simple, fun, yet great typing test is Ratatype. The website is very clean with minimum ads and the tests are simple, perfect for beginners. 

The typing experience is also decent, not great but not bad as well. There is not much to it other than this. Try it once and then move back to Type Racer or Monkey Type for something advanced. 

The Best of the Tests

So, we have finally come to the conclusion. There are many options to choose from when it comes to typing tests. 

But two of the best typing tests will always remain your first preference; Monkey Type and Speed Racer. It would be really unfair to put them against each other. 

While one gives you this high-octane thrill of typing and competing with people all around the world, the other makes you feel calm and relaxed and lets you enjoy the sound of key clicks. 

But both of them are really great in offering great analytics and improving your typing speed and accuracy. So play with them both and find the one that suits you the best. Keep typing!

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