AI Tools Takeover! 5 Great AI Tools That You Need To Know About

Image featuring the logo of 5 AI tools

Before we jump into the best AI tools available in today’s market, let’s take a quick view of what Artificial Intelligence means. Our daily activities are mostly driven by AI technology from dawn to night.

Many of us pick up our laptops or cell phone as soon as we wake up to begin our day. Our decision-making, planning, and information-seeking processes now all automatically involve doing this.

Today, AI affects every area of our personal and professional online life. Global communication and interconnectivity in business is a very important subject that has been and continues to be. Focusing on artificial intelligence and data science is vital, and its potential growth trajectory is limitless.

Any software that has the capacity for learning and thought is said to have artificial intelligence. Everything that involves a program carrying out a task that we would typically believe a human would carry out qualifies as artificial intelligence.

In simple terms, one may say Artificial Intelligence is human intelligence processed by a machine. In many events, AI has proved to be far more capable and superior to the human mind.

We use AI in our everyday life, for example, Google Assistant on our android phones and Siri on apple devices are significant examples of the importance of AI usage in our lives. 

There is an imminent rise of Artificial Intelligence and there is no way to stop it. For the good or for the worse is something only time can tell.

But here’s what we can tell; It is better to join them and make our lives more productive. If used as a tool, AI can be the most helpful tool in every sphere of your life. 

While this article is certainly not the most exhaustive one, we have mentioned some of the common AI tools that you can use or at least try to use and fit into your work life. 

DALLE 2 by OpenAI


DALLE 2 was the first AI tool that captured the attention and fascination of a larger audience. People were shocked, amused, astonished, and scared at the ability of an AI to create artwork. 

DALLE 2 is a new artificial intelligence program that can produce art and realistic visuals from a description given in natural language.

It can receive text and images as a single data stream, allowing it to build an image from scratch and provide you with the exact image you had in mind. DALLE 2 is capable of producing believable visuals depending on the text data that the user provides.

You can try DALLE 2 for yourself, even if you are not an artist. Just be very descriptive in giving the prompt and you can become an artist in mere seconds.

Try DALLE 2 here. 

Lumen 5 AI Tools


Video editing is tough and time-consuming. To make that perfectly edited video, you need training and an understanding of video editing software. Sorry, you “needed” it. Now there’s Lumen5.

This may be the easiest video-making platform for social media marketing for businesses. This AI software can be used to produce engaging videos for social posts, stories, and advertisements in minutes.

Lumen5 takes it a step further by supplying all the resources needed to make amazing videos according to your needs.

The built-in media library offers access to millions of stock footage and music tracks, which means you can have access to everything without having to purchase any digital assets separately to make a professionally engaging video.

Granted that it is not as powerful or complex as the video that humans can make using tools like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro, for an AI that’s only 6 years old. Can a 6-year-old edit video? 

Try Lumen 5 here

quillbot AI Tools


To all the students out there, we know that you have used Quillbot for your assignments. 

Quillbot is made to support the original content and ideas. It is a fantastic tool that will enable you to improve your content. Better content can be produced by rephrasing, identifying, and improving grammatical faults.

Some of its features include a paraphraser, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, co-writer, summarizer, and citation generator.

A few extras are available if you choose to use Quillbot’s premium edition. Any web browser on your mobile device or computer can be used to access Quillbot.

Try Quillbot here



While Grammarly may not be the most advanced AI tool or something that took the world by storm, it is the most famous AI tool in this list, and perhaps in every other similar list.

Anyone who has ever written anything on the computer for a serious purpose must have heard about Grammarly because of how useful it is (or perhaps the amount of Grammarly advertisements you see on YouTube.)

American cloud-based typing helper, Grammarly is an AI program that analyses your writing style and not only finds grammatical faults but also proposes changes to your work that could help elevate it.

Grammarly’s AI technology goes much beyond the features that Word processors already have.

Sentence fragments, comma splices, and subject-verb disagreement are just a few examples of grammar and punctuation problems that it can identify and correct. Every web browser on your phone or computer can access Grammarly for free.

There is paid version that offers plagiarism detection, brevity and tone improver, and other features as well. But if you are not looking to spend money, the free version is just fine for basic grammar correction.

Try Grammarly here

ChatGPT AI Tools


The entire world is talking about ChatGPT. ChatGPT is the only AI tool that has started getting banned in many countries. That shows how good and powerful an AI tool is. 

OpenAI created ChatGPT, a sophisticated artificial intelligence bot. This AI is capable of recognizing human speech and producing detailed textual information that humans can understand.

It is an interactive AI that can answer any of your inquiries by connecting to the global network and offering answers in a very sophisticated and convenient manner.

It is accessible via a web browser on a Computer or mobile device. This software is free, but there is a premium version called ‘ChatGPT Plus’.

What can you do with it? Write an essay, or assignment, make it read things and then rephrase it, ask it to write codes, find bugs, solve the question, and ask for advice about dating. 

With these 5 AI tools, we have just barely scratched the surface that runs a mile deep. There are countless AI tools that are being made and released every day. 

Because AI has become such a crucial part of our daily lives, it is critical that we adapt and use it as needed. The primary goal of this article was to inform readers about the highly valuable free AI software available on the internet.

What are your thoughts on AI and its meteoric rise? Do you think they are a powerful tool or they might one day ask for rights or even worse, deny us our rights? 

Try ChatGPT here