E3 2019 – The Games We are Getting.

The E3 is closing in and we can’t be more excited. The ultimate gaming fest will be showering with some of the top-line games that are extremely anticipated. There’s a lot of games that we know are coming and there’s some that we have a vague idea about. It makes a prefect balance of anticipation and expectations. This E3 2019, Sony will be skipping the event, but not to worry because the games that have lined up will definitely make up for any vacancies. E3 2019 will commence on 11 June and end on 13 June. The two days will be a frenzy for game fanatics and developers as they showcase their work. So here is the list of games (with trailers) that are confirmed to make an appearance. If you are waiting for these games, then definitely prepare for the E3 event 

Dying Light 2

upcoming games 2019

The Zombie/survival game that revived the overused zombie genre is back for the second installment of the game. Last year at E3, we say the initial gameplay of the game showing a diverse world and a story that will be affected by the choices the player makes, adding a new dimension to the game. Although we got a bit of gameplay to get the gist of the new features, we didn’t see a lot of zombies, not even one. E3 2019, the zombies are coming! The developers are Techland promised to show Dying Light 2’s night time gameplay. We cant’t wait to hear the ‘Goodnight, Good luck’ phrase again.

Platform – PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release – Late 2019/ Early 2020

Doom Eternal 

E3 2019

The game that has so much history with it’s name. Doom was first released in 2016 and it was a massive hit. People got to feel the essence of the original Doom with it’s brutally violent protagonist and an army of monsters to kill. Who knew hell would be so much fun? The developers have taken note and promised to give us twice the monsters, twice the violence. They also mentioned about making a Doom Universe son expect new locations and a diverse storyline. The new game will have modified weapons, shoulder mounted flamethrowers and an orgasmic gameplay for the fans. Doom Eternal will also have Arch-Vile, the dreaded monster from the originals.

Platforms- PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Release Date – Late 2019.

Cyberpunk 2077

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Ready to play some synthwave music in a futuristic dystopian neon-lit city? This CD Projekt Red game is going to blow our minds, like the Witcher series did. CD Projekt Red has gone off to a different tangent with this game. Where Witcher was a game set in the fantastical lands in medieval period, with a third person perspective and magic and horses and beasts, Cyberpunk is about the future and a lot of first person action. And guns. This game is an eye candy and we are sure it will be a sweet game too.

Platforms – PC, PS4, Xbox One 

Release date – To be Confirmed.

Marvel’s The Avengers 

upcoming games

After the massive success of the Avengers series in cinemas, Marvel is about to test its superheroes in the gaming world. We got just a teaser about the game way back in 2017 and until few days ago, there was no news about the development of the game. The game is developed by Square Enix, the people behind Hitman. According to the leaks, the game is going to be a Destiny like action-adventure game and a rumored 4-player multiplayer support too. Let’s see if this game can manage to assemble the gamers together.

Platforms – TBA

Release Date – TBA

Gears 5

E3 2019

The game with the guns, there was not much known about the game since last year. In E3 2019, there will definitely more light shed on this game. The game will offer some of the most breathtaking visuals. A lot of monsters, guns, armor suits and carnage. 

Platform – Xbox One, PC

Release – TBA 2019

Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order 

upcoming games 2019

The Empire expands, as the new action adventure game is going to focus on the Empire’s attempts to complete the execution of order 66. The protagonist here will be Padawan and the story will have you look for any remaining Jedi for guidance. We just hope that micro-transactions don’t ruin the game as EA’s name has that kind of dark cloud hover over than game.

Platforms – PS4, PC, Xbox One 

Release date – November 15, 2019

Halo Infinite 

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Ah, the game that has kept the Xbox alive. This game is expected to be the spiritual reboot of the original Halo series, as after the takeover of the game by 343 Industries from Bungie, the game has been a bit dull and seems to have lost its appeal. Halo Infinite could be the official third entry in the Reclaimer Saga. The game developers have confirmed that 4-player split screen will return and there won’t be a dreaded ‘battle Royale’ version of the game. Halo Infinite will focus more on exploration of the world and about Master Chief’s story.

Platforms – Xbox One 

Release date – TBA 2020


E3 2019

Ready to take the skateboard on the screen? If you are waiting for Skate 4, we have some bad news for you. There has been no official update about the game. But a good news is that Session may be coming this summer with some definite updates in E3 2019. Originally announced as PC only kickstarter title, the game has experienced some delays. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to get to play the game as soon as possible 

Platforms – PC, Xbox One

Release date – TBA 2019

Ori and the Will of the Wisps 

E3 2019

The one directional game that is so beautifully crafted with its magnificent art design, color composition and brilliant soundtrack. This game was announced two years ago and still there is no update on the release date. E3 2019 will give your more about this game. The puzzle based gameplay of the original was a breath of fresh air and this time round, there are some new things to look for. Scarier perils, more challenging gameplay and an amazing gameplay environment, this game is worth the wait.

Platforms – Xbox One, PC

Release date – TBA


upcoming games 2019

A supernatural game that let’s you show off your supernatural powers, this game is filled with lots of action, mystery and fun. Play as Jesse Faden and explore the deep and dark mysteries of The Oldest House, a government agency that houses the world’s most bizarre supernatural objects. The game is going to bend your mind as you explore it. E3 2019 will show us more of what’s to come and we can’t wait for it.

Platforms – PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release date – August 27, 2019

Ghost Recon : Breakpoint 

E3 2019

It is impossible that Ubisoft won’t have their looming presence in E3 2019 considering how big of a game makers they really are. They are pulling out their big guns this time, with the successor of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Travel to some of the most visually breathtaking locations and fight off rogue military and evil organizations. This time, you get to fight Tech Skell in the regions of South Pacific and former rogue Ghosts who call themselves The Wolves. Challenging terrains to travel and a new injury system will give this game a new taste. We just can’t wait for E3 2019.

Platforms – PS4, Xbox One and PC

Release date – October 4, 2019


E3 2019

The football game is back again and the virtual footballers can rejoice. E3 2019 will get you some more gameplay elements about the game and hopefully there will be more improvements, making the game even more fun. But the way the game has been updated, there is a very slim chance that the game will have any substantial changes.

Platforms – Xbox One, PC, PS4

Release date – September 27, 2019.

Borderlands 3

upcoming games

The Loot and Shoot game is back and it has made E3 2019 more exciting. Borderlands 3 follows the continuing adventures of the latest wave of Vault Hunters: Zane the operative, Amara the Siren, Moze the Bot Jock and FI4k the beastmaster. Borderlands 3 will have the split screen mode back and there will be co-op scaling so that players can loot and shoot together regardless of their level.

Platforms – PC, Xbox One and PS4

Release date – September 13, 2019.

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