Ubisoft E3: All the Upcoming Games Showcased


It is the season of games with publishers and developers showering us with a variety of games. Some were good, some not so good and then there were some called mobile games. So we have made a list of all the games that Ubisoft released with our thoughts added to it. You don’t have to watch the Ubisoft E3 event as we have picked out the juicy bits for you. Enjoy the read.

Watchdogs Legion – The Big gun of Ubisoft E3

watch dog legion

Watchdogs series is one of the top offerings of Ubisoft and it surely was the best game presented in the Ubisoft E3. And to be honest, this is the game that carried the crumbling event through. Watchdogs offer the player a world where nearly everything is hackable and you are the mutiny. I personally never really enjoyed Watchdog games because I felt it to bee too tiring. It always gave me a GTA V feel but with extra steps. The second installment was also very similar to the first one. The third game is about the change things up radically and it is unbelievable how Ubisoft has managed such a thing.

The Game 

The game is set in London which is now flavored in the style of George Orwell’s 1984. Everything is restricted and controlled and you are there to fight against it. The game looks much grittier and darker than the previous ones, and I prefer it that way. The theme that Watchdogs tried to instill always contradicted with the environment that was offered. San Fransisco was way too merrier. London fits better with its narrow alleys and atmosphere. The combat mechanics have improved and the fights leave more impact. But the biggest and most impressive thing about the game is that there are virtually no NPCs!

Play as Everybody.

Ubisoft E3

I don’t know how Ubisoft did it but they claim that you can literally recruit and play as anyone you want. So let’s say you’re walking down the street and scan a person. If you want, you can recruit and play as that random character. They have their own voice and even their own storyline! Not just that. Skills are also unique to characters. So if you see a guy who is an ex-special agent, he/she will have better combat ability or someone who is from a tech-related background will be better with tech aspects of the game. Ubisoft knew that Watchdogs was a tiring game and looked like a less fun version of GTA V, so they did something to make it stand out and they have succeeded.

Death is permanent 

Another feature of this game to make the stakes high is called permadeath wherein the characters once dead will not return, hence ending their storyline completely. So if you recruit a really useful person with some great skill, you’ll feel the stakes are high, and losing the character will have you incur a heavy loss. Also mentioned in Ubisoft E3 was that once a character dies, their family members are also affected by this which influences the story. Kudos to Ubisoft for doing this.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint 

Game launch

Ubisoft E3 also showed another triple-A title, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and boy it looks good. Ubisoft did not show any gameplay even though they let people play the game which is bizarre. Why can’t they show the game to people watching the stream? Few people who played the game showed it and it looks very impressive. The location, the gameplay, the graphics, everything is top-notch. The problem with the demo gameplay is many times developers downgrade the actual game. So hopefully the actual game looks exactly like this with no downgrades. All we can do is hope. The beta releases on September 6, 2019.

Brawlhalla goes for an Adventure 

Ubisoft E3

Brawlhalla is getting a crossover with Adventure Time. So there will be new characters added and if you’re a fan of Adventure Time, it’s good news for you. I am more of a Smash Bros fan but after having Adventure Time characters (I love the show), I won’t mind giving the game a try.

Ubisoft E3

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine 

Ubisoft E3

Not much of the game was revealed in a very short cinematic trailer that just shows from a POV of an injured guy that some form of supernatural being has attacked him. What we know about the game is that it is going to be a 3 player Co-Op but with an added supernatural/alien threat. Let’s see what Ubisoft has got to offer.

Ubisoft E3 Mobile 

Ubisoft E3

It seems as if these developers didn’t have many games so they just made some mobile games as soon as they could so that they could fill some time in the event. Bethesda suffered from the same problem and God their event was a mess and so did Ubisoft E3. I know how Splinter Cell fans are waiting for another game of the series but Ubisoft decided to do something else. They brought Sam Fischer but in a very bad mobile game that looks atrocious. The game is called Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad and from what we got to see, the game is terrible. If you’re making a mobile game, at least make a good one, but these games are just cash grabs because mobile games make a lot of money from loot crates, skins, etc.

Ubisoft E3

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Other Games of Ubisoft E3

Ubisoft E3

Honor also received a DLC pack this Ubisoft E3. I don’t think there are many For Honor players out there but for those who are playing the game, good for them. The DLC is called Shadow Of Hitokiri and looks interesting. Just Dance was also announced across all platforms and Nintendo Wii is one of them. Yes, Wii is on the list. So if you held on to your Wii, there’s good news for you. Roller Champion was also announced but again with no gameplay, only a cinematic trailer so not much can be said about the game.

Ubisoft E3

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Uplay+ was also showcased in Ubisoft E3 which is a subscription service that at the moment of writing this article will offer 100+ games and expect the number to grow. The subscription price starts at $14.99 and it leads to a bigger problem than we saw already in the streaming sector. Let’s see how the public responds to this service and whether it will change the gaming industry or not. The companies are betting a lot on it.

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